The Band

Underdog was formed in 2001 by Andrew Chirgwin (Rythmn guitar) and Steve Brian (drums). At the time, the two founding members were aiming to create rock music that was away from the mainstream ‘pop rock’ and ’emo’ of that time. However, the band, originally called Bacchanal, was  short of a bass player, lead guitarist and singer in those early days. After several years of help from many friends and musicians in 2006, a certain Jon Bramley, who was recruited from a side project Steve was involved in, joined the band as bassist and singer. This arrangement worked perfectly, with Jon’s growly vocals sitting nicely on top of the rock vibes being played.

Now only a lead guitarist was needed. In early 2011 David Oxlade joined Underdog to take this position, and so the current line up was created. In 2010, under the watchful eye (and within the well-tuned ear) of producer Pete Brown, Underdog completed their first studio album. This album, entitled ‘Black’, is available at many online stores, including I-Tunes and HMV online. Currently Underdog are now in the studio, creating more of their grungy, melodic tunes, so we’ll keep you posted on this website about any exciting new developments coming up in this area!