Welcome To Underdog World

Rock on!


Hi all!

Its been a while since we undated the site, so here goes.

Its been a hard few years and, as with many bands, we haven’t had as much time to get together and play as we would have liked.

Added to that personal circumstances (Jon managed to do himself some serious damage) we are still not getting together as often as possible.

The rest of the band are hoping to get together and work on some new material and then send this over to Jon to work on remotely …. a new process for us so may bring some different material.

Then hopefully we can get back on the scene and get a few gigs in …. I think we are all missing the live action.

However until then please don’t forget you can listen to our album at the link below and its available in all the usual places to purchase.



Below is a cover of the Beatles clasic ‘Come Together’ we recorded when putting the new album together but doesn’t appear on the final tracklist. We hope you enjoy.

To hear it, please click here: